Good midday,
Today is friday the 23rd of March 2018. The time is 12:47:13 and it's week number 12.

About TEN

The Ericade Network is a small network built to service a few friends and relatives with mail and collaboration. It also hosts a small Amiga-themed radiostation and a few other things. is the SSL-encrypted part of the network and serves as the private part of the site. is the public part

The ERICADE Network has been an ongoing project since 1993, when it started as a dialup bulletin board system (BBS). It's long gone but it's spirit lives on in the shape of a website. During the years 1993-2000 it ran on Commodore Amiga-computers. In 2000 it entered the Internetage running Windows 2000 and later 2003. In 2008 the network was migrated to run mostly on Linux.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who is in charge?
A: An overworked individual that goes by the name of StripeCAT.

Q: StripeCAT?
A: Yep. Used to be Tigersclaw, but I changed it to StripeCAT. A tiger is a striped cat as far as I know.

Q: Ericade means what?
A: It's a merge between my name "Erik" and "Arcade". My father invented it for me when I was 10 and wanted to create my own computer game company. :) It never came to fruition, but the name stuck. I use it a name for my fictious company.