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The random knowledge base

This is nowhere as cool as it sounds. It's just that I sometimes want to note down solutions to common problems I encounter. So this is just a scratchpad for different things. If you find something interesting here, feel free to use it. Most of the information is the result of me testing different settings while documenting what I did. I also try to link as often as I can to relevant Microsoft knowledge base articles, wikipedia entries other free information that can be used to dig deeper into the issue. Some of the my articles are just crude notes, so don't expect any fancy essays :-)

Here's the articles

Texts in English Texts in Swedish
 Troubleshooting TCP/IP performance problems in Windows 2008 and Vista
 TCP/IP tuning ISA Server
 How to only allow Remote Desktop in console mode
 How to run Explorer as an admin (=no more take ownership on your fileserver)