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Erik's IT-Security notes


Welcome to my IT-Security wiki. Its purpose is to be a storage point for my notes on IT- and IT-security. It's not meant to be a public site, but anyone is welcome to browse its contents. This wiki will never have restricted information stored on it.

I'll add stuff as I write it down. We're currently not accepting anonymous editing. Contact me if you want to add something or get an account. Be advised some of the material will be in Swedish.

Security is not a product, it's a process - Bruce Schneier.

The latest additions:

2014-03-27 I've dug out the last year of my Tieto news letter. Here you go!
2014-03-27 EZSecurity News Bulletin for September of 2011 / Goodbye Tieto! / 5 patches /
2014-03-27 EZSecurity for July 2011: 4 bulletins and Mother Nature as your sysadmin /
2014-03-27 EZSecurity for June 2011: 16 bulletins and logging the IT forest
2014-03-27 EZSecurity for May 2011: two bulletins and a lesson in troubleshooting /
2014-03-27 EZSecurity Bulletin for April of 2011 / 17 new bulletins from Microsoft / What's what in a bulletin? /
2014-03-27 EZSecurity Bulletin for February of 2011 / 12 new bulletins from Microsoft / It's a server, darn it! /
2014-03-27 EZSecurity Bulletin for November of 2010 / 3 new bulletins from Microsoft / The power of inference /
2014-03-27 EZSecurity Bulletin for September of 2010 / 9 new bulletins from Microsoft / Selectivity of the mind /
2014-03-27 EZSecurity Bulletin for August of 2010 / 14 new bulletins from Microsoft / Dissection of an SQL attack /
2014-03-27 EZSecurity Bulletin for July of 2010 / 4 new bulletins from Microsoft / It's not fair! /
2014-03-27 EZSecurity Bulletin for June of 2010 / 10 new bulletins from Microsoft / Good, evil or neutral? /

Here's some of the things I'm working with at the moment

Texts in English Texts in Swedish

The tools we swear by A deeper look on some of the simplest tools.
My Security bulletin newsletter.
Windows Hardening Guide For Windows 2003 and Windows 2008.
TBM The Better Mousetrap. Building a free OpenBSD reverse proxy.
Security links
Good security books
Random IT-Knowledge Base

Att välja bättre lösenord
Hur man säkrar en webbapplikation
Hur man attackerar en webbapplikation
Hur fungerar DNS-attacken?
Instruktioner för TEN

--Erik 2014

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