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(2009-07-29) A lot of small things

Summertime is the perfect time to address all the small annoyances, and so we have. Here's a list of things fixed during the last few days.

The password change feature works again
You can now change your password from the web mail interface again. This feature got broken earlier this year when we installed the new router/firewall.

You can now search in the "Astral America 2" forum
The campaign ended in 2007, but the forum is still up so you can look through the posts. Alas, the search function hasn't worked for a long time. But it's been fixed if now and you can again search for whatever picks your interest.

Security lockdown in AA2 and RadioUFS
The two oldest forums we have still run PHPBB 2. This version is obsolete, but we have no reason to upgrade them since they're not in use. I've stripped out almost half of the code base and set the databases read only. I also removed the "post" and "reply"-buttons. There should be no doubt that the forums are archived now!

Behind the scenes...
There's a lot of improvements in the background which makes troubleshooting and recovery much faster and more reliable. We've also gone through and reviewed the security of the system as well.

... Yup, it's been an uneventful summer so far.

Posted: 2009-07-29 by Erik Zalitis
Changed: 2009-07-29 by Erik Zalitis

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