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(2009-05-18) We move to Ubuntu server

Yesterday we moved the Ericade Network to the latest version of Ubuntu server "Jaunty Jackalope". The move was made with zero downtime, since we had a temporary system that responded during the rebuild.

Our system used a Fedora Linux installation that was due to become unsupported by Fedora since they only release new fixes to the latest version and the previous one. With Ubuntu 9.04 server we have full support until October 2010. Fedora is a great Linux distribution but Ubuntu has a very compelling server distibution that is optimized to run as a server. I felt it was the way to go and the results so far is very encouraging.

Here are the benefits according to Ubuntu:
Easy to manage installation, startup, shutdown, service initialisation, package management simple on a single machine and now across a data centre with Landscape.

Built for purpose no bloatware and no extraneous applications clogging up what you really want to so - run the services that run your business.

The platform for open and free computing save not only on the operating system but take advantage of the fantastic array of free server software out the to compound the savings for your organisation.

Simple to upgrade - get the latest and greatest every 6 months or stay for the longer term on a single platform in the knowledge that we will ease the upgrade path. It's long term confidence.

Simple to update - Debian packaging and APT packaging are recognised as the easiest, smoothest methods of introducing software to your server stack. It is pre-configured to insure a smooth introduction.

The ideal 'green' solution - whether it is virtualisation maximising your server efficiency or simply running a lean services across your network, Ubuntu is a great partner in the drive to improve efficiency.

Secure - the greatest risks to your business are eliminated. Continuous updates respond to the changing landscape of risk on an already hard to hack distribution

(You have to forgive Ubuntu for the marketing talk, but I must say I think they're doing a great job so I let it pass :) )

Posted: 2009-05-18 by Erik Zalitis
Changed: 2009-05-18 by Erik Zalitis

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