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(2009-05-12) Major change: Kerio Mailserver upgraded to 6.7.0

We've upgraded the mailsystem to the newest version. It comes with a number of changes improving the spam filter and adding functions to the calendaring. Here's the list from the vendor:

Version 6.7.0 - May 12, 2009

Kerio MailServer:
+ Global Address List synchronized with user database
+ Entourage 2004/2008 auto-configuration - Entourage Config Tool
+ Syncing of contact groups from Apple Address Book with Kerio Sync Connector for Mac
+ Enhanced CalDAV server with support for Apple iCal private events
+ Spam Filter improvements
+ Over-the-air synchronization of Blackberry devices with NotifySync or AstraSync client.
+ Update of integrated McAfee antivirus to version 5300
+ New antivirus plug-in for Eset NOD32 Antivirus 3.0 and 4
+ Kerio Assist utility for Mac OS X
+ New Kerio IMAP Migration Tool.
+ Debian 5.0 and Ubuntu 8.04LTS Linux support
+ New Configuration Wizard utility on Windows
+ Localization of the Mac OS X installer
+ New mobile client: RoadSync 4.0
+ Added support for running on 64-bit systems.
+ Added support for CA Antivirus 9.0 and Sophos V6.5.
+ Added support for new commands in IMAP: NAMESPACE (RFC 2342) and XLIST.
* Updated external libraries: PHP5 5.2.6, libxml2 2.7.2, libcurl 7.19.2, openldap 2.4.11.
* SpamAssassin's auto-whitelist database removes expired old records.
* New optimizations for faster folder listing and reduced disk load during client synchronization.
* Reduced memory footprint of idle IMAP connections.
* Server SSL certificate and CSR certificate requests are generated with SHA1 hash instead of MD5.
- Fixed upgrade from KMS 6.1.0 and older versions on Windows.
- Fixed possible log corruption when system runs out of disk space.
- Fixed authentication of users with an unicode password on Windows.
- Caller-ID and SPF check could analyze incorrect TXT records in wrongly configured domains.
- Incorrect error could be reported during the backup when the backup folder does not exist.
- It was not possible to unsubscribe already deleted folder in IMAP.
- Some IMAP clients failed to move local folders with sub-folders into IMAP account.
- Message auto-delete did not work if the message store is located in the root directory of the disk.
- WebMail session might not expire in defined timeout.
- User's mail filter configured to move messages to a certain folder may cause SyncHierarchy error during Kerio Outlook Connector synchronization.
- Some calendar events could not be synchronized to iCal.
- Renamed calendar in CalDAV (iCal) could make appointments not viewable to other users.
- Public folders were not sometimes showed in iCal after upgrading from 6.6.0.
- X-CHILDREN attribute was not synchronized to Entourage.
- Events deleted in public folders in WebMail were still visible in Entourage.
- iPhone calendar synchronization could override snooze setting in Entourage.
- iCal auto-configuration tool could fail if the user password contains special characters.
- Full backup of message store changed modification time on messages and cause additional synchronization of the clients.
- Importing of certain .ics file in iCal may cause server instability.
- Conflict with another PHP library installed in IIS or Plesk could cause stability problems on Windows Server 2003.
- Logging to secondary domain in Kerio Outlook Connector could fail if the username already exist in primary email domain.
- Broken network connection caused folder lock on ActiveSync synchronization.
- Fixed task reminder time in events synchronized from Mail for Exchange.
- Yearly recurrent events might not be synchronized properly from certain mobile devices.
- iPhone could stop further synchronization when the network connection is interrupted.
- Maximum timeout for Ping ActiveSync command was sometimes too high and cause timeout of network connection on some firewalls.
- Events in resource calendar were not always set to 'busy'.
- Many small fixes and optimizations.

Kerio Outlook Connector (Offline Edition):
+ It's possible to not store password in configuration (user is asked for it on each startup).
* Kerio Outlook Connector (Offline Edition) now logs to a single log file for each user.
- Lot of stability issues have been fixed.
- Several compatibility issues with messages from external sources have been fixed.
- Several synchronization issues have been fixed.
- File system manager on Windows Vista 64-bit consumed lots of memory.

Kerio WebMail:
+ Added support for Internet Explorer 8.
* Entourage auto-configure tool on the Integration page.
- An event created in iCal and resaved in WebMail was impossible to edit in iCal again.
- It was impossible to send invitation from event created on mobile device.
- All-day event was saved with incorrect date in some timezones.
- Shift+Tab could not be used to move backwards from body to subject in e-mail composer.
- Confusing mail was sent to event organizer when resource manager canceled reservation.
- Contact find dialog offered useless resources in non-event dialogs.
- It was impossible to open mail from folder using apostrophe in name.
- Shared folders were displayed in folder tree unsorted.
- Fixed error occurred when opening Mail filters editor in special cases.
- Fixed error when received e-mail into empty folder in special cases.
- Fixed possible infinite loop when logging to WebMail using mobile device.
- Start folder parameter was not respected during login.
- Corrected translations of the Integration page.
- Many small bugs were fixed.

Kerio Web Administration:
! The old Web Administration was replaced by the new one (old version is not available anymore).

Kerio Administration Console:
+ Added ability to report potential server stability problems detected by the server on Mac OS X.
- Fixed some localizations.
- "Last usage" time in custom spam rules could show invalid time (more than 100 years).

Kerio Sync Connector for Mac:
+ Contact groups in Apple Address Book are synchronized as categories to the server.
- Synchronization sometimes failed with "Internal error".
- Slow synchronization was invoked too often.

Kerio Active Directory Extension:
+ Added installation package for Windows Server 64-bit edition.

Kerio Open Directory Extension:
- Schema extension was not copied to the replica on case-sensitive filesystem.

Posted: 2009-05-12 by Erik Zalitis
Changed: 2009-05-12 by Erik Zalitis

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