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(2009-04-30) We add opportunistic TLS to our outbound mail

Opportu... ehh... What's that you say?

Ok, it's the same old TLA (three letter acronym) fetish that we in the information technology world can't resist. TLS or transport layer security is a protocol suite that allows for encryption of data between two parties.

The ERICADE Network mail encrypts all traffic it can. But while we've always offered encryption to servers sending mail to us (inbound) we've been unable to offer it when we send mail to other systems. Yesterday that changed.

We can now encrypt on opportunity which means that our system is setup to try to encrypt whenever the remote system (receiving system) allows us.

The bad news with email is that encryption support in SMTP is an afterthought. Both systems must agree to encrypt traffic in order for it to work. This is true for all email systems out there and the number of systems offering TLS (STARTTLS) are few.

It's important to understand that this discussion only talks about the mail exchange between our system and other mail systems on the Internet. Your imap, pop, webmail and ActiveSync-connections are always encrypted!

Posted: 2009-04-30 by Erik Zalitis
Changed: 2009-04-30 by Erik Zalitis

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