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(2009-01-01) Uptime at a satisfactory 99.78%

The uptime report between 01 August 2008 - 31 December 2008 is in! During this period we've been accessible 99.78% of the time. This is almost on target, which we've set to 99.8%. The main reason we did not reach it was a few scheduled late night maintenance breaks by our ISP. You most likely did not notice them, unless you usually access your mail at 3am CET. Those breaks did not cause any mail to get lost!

Often, one does not include scheduled breaks in the downtime calculations, but we actually count every minute that the system is not reachable as downtime. Given that the longest breaks we're during the wee hours in the morning and that there were few other problem, I have to say that the result is satisfactory. We'll try to hold the uptime above 99.8% which allows little more than 1 hours of downtime per month and 16 hours per year.

December 2008 - 99.75%
November 2008 - 99.94%
October 2008 - 99.9%
September 2008 - 99.86%
August 2008 - 99.47%

August and December was below set target and the others were on target or better.

Posted: 2009-01-01 by TEN Converter
Changed: 2009-03-29 by Erik Zalitis

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