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(2008-11-27) Uptime is looking good

The scorecard from pingdom shows good uptime ratings for the last three months. November so far is clocking in on 99.94% uptime with less than half an hour of downtime. Our least acceptable value is 99.8% which allows us just 16 hours downtime per year or 1 hour per month on an average.

Most of the outages so far have been due to maintenance performed during the night time by our broadband provider. Two of those outages made us miss the target during August. Even so, the uptime is very good and reliability even better. The only major thing during the autumn was a router failure, but we were able to replace the faulty hardware with almost no interruption.

November 2008 99.94%
October 2008 99.9%
September 2008 99.86%
August 2008 99.47%
July 2008 98.73%

Posted: 2008-11-27 by TEN Converter
Changed: 2009-04-04 by Erik Zalitis

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