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(2008-11-27) Spamhaus PBL gets amnesia

Spamhaus operates a number of black- and whitelists to help system administrators combat spam. One of the most effective lists is called PBL, and lists servers allowed to mail. This excludes the ip-range that uses. It has never been a problem, since we've registered an exclusion for (or address) on it. All was fine until about 2 weeks ago, when spamhaus suddenly forgot about us and removed us from the list. This has probably not caused any larger problems, but if you have had any problems with people not receiving your mail, this could be the reason. The problem has been rectified and spamhaus is due for a LART or two. is not listed in the SBL is not listed in the PBL is not listed in the XBL


Posted: 2008-11-27 by TEN Converter
Changed: 2009-03-29 by Erik Zalitis

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