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(2008-10-21) Mailsystemet uppdaterat.

Idag gick vi upp till helt pinfärska version 6.6.0 av Kerio Mailserver.

Bland nyheterna finns uppdatering till stöd för ActiveSync 6, resursbokningar och stöd för Firefox 3.

Hela listan:

Version 6.6.0 - October 21, 2008

Kerio MailServer:
+ Added support for e-mail, contact and calendar over-the-air synchronization with Apple iPhone 3G, 2.0 and iPod Touch.
The support includes e-mail push and remote device wipe feature.
+ Enhanced Apple iCal integration with Kerio MailServer (address and location autocomplete, delegation support, availability feature).
+ New automatic configuration tool for Apple iCal client - http(s)://servername/setup/ical
+ Added ability to automatically delete old e-mails from Junk E-mail and Deleted Items folders on the server.
+ Introduced new log file tracing all delete and move operations with e-mails and other items on the server.
+ Support for new ActiveSync protocol used on Windows Mobile 6 devices (Exchange 2007 compatible). Includes support for reading HTML e-mails, fast message retrieval, enhanced e-mail search and out-of-office setting on mobile device.
+ Added support for partial header FETCH in IMAP server.
+ "Integration" web page with tools and downloads - http(s)://servername/integration
+ Windows Server 2008 (Longhorn) 32bit is supported.
* Enhanced McAfee antivirus plug-in's detection of potential threats in Microsoft Word documents.
* Improved compatibility with Apple iPhone IMAP client.
* Sophos antivirus plugin updated for support SAVI 4.6.
* Backup archive now includes mailing lists and SpamAssassin database.
* KMS recover utility improved to support partial recovery of domains/users.
* Improved delivery speed for e-mails with multiple recipients in local domain forwarded to another server (domain forwarding).
* Optimized lookup of groups in directory services.
* Messages marked as deleted via IMAP are immediately removed from the mailbox.
- Fixed potential stability issue in antivirus process during downloading updates.
- Fixed mailbox lockout when user mail filter rules are corrupted.
- Meeting responses from ActiveSync were not correctly recognized in CalDAV.
- E-mail sent on behalf from Entourage was delivered also to original sender.
- Birthday and anniversary dates in contact could be shifted one day to the past in Entourage.
- Events deleted from Public folders were still visible in Entourage clients.
- Some subfolders could disappear after renaming in Entourage.
- Event accepted in iCal as tentative was displayed as busy in WebMail.
- Fixed possible deadlock in PAM authentication to NT domain.
- E-mail sent from RoadSync client did not show national characters correctly in WebMail.
- Fixed rare crash upon server shutdown.
- Some e-mails from Outlook Express on Windows XP SP3 could get higher spam score.
- Fixed handling of certain SPF records.
- Shared calendars in Entourage were not properly refreshed in some cases.
- Time in calendar views showed 1 hour early in Entourage in Arizona.
- Invitation accepted in webmail had wrong inviter/invitee relationship in Entourage 2008.
- Index.fld is automatically restored now when some message is deleted directly from disk.
- Weird error messages appeared in error log.
- Downloading emails from POP3 client could revert Read flag on Windows Mobile devices.
- Items created in Kerio Outlook Connector could be synchronized to mobile devices with a delay when local time differs from server time.

Kerio WebMail:
+ Added support for Firefox 3.
+ Added support for Resource Scheduling.
* Languages in "Settings -> Preferred language" are not localized now.
! Dropped support for Safari 1.3 and Firefox 1.5 in full WebMail.
- Items deleted from "Junk E-mail" folder were moved to "Deleted Items" instead of deleted permanently.
- It was impossible to send message to email address using underscore character in domain name.
- Message with Japanese characters encoded in "iso-2022-jp" was displayed incorrectly.
- Messages forwarded as attachment were saved with incorrect filename in Safari 3.
- It was impossible to view source of messages using national characters in some cases.
- Original attachments were missing by forwarding voice message.
- Task completed status could show incorrect value (0%) for custom completion status values.
- Many small bugs were fixed.

Kerio Outlook Connector (Offline Edition):
! Service Pack 3 for Outlook 2003 is required.
+ Added support of Outlook Connector on Terminal Server
+ Local cache may be emptied now.
+ All contact folders are added to Address Book by default.
+ Outlook Connector's connections are identified in Admin Console
* Layout of 'Server Settings' property page has been changed.
* Improved speed of database maintenance after automatic client upgrade.
* User trying to use unsupported version of Outlook is informed with more details now.
- Outlook didn't start with newly configured profile.
- Simple time recurrent event created in Outlook Connector was not correctly displayed in other clients including WebMail.
- Store became inaccessible when changing access rights to HTTP service.
- Message sent to many recipients hung Outlook.
- Mail was invisible after reverting of move on server's side in offline mode.
- Crash when new version notification comes from server.
- Change in task cleared Location field.
- Crash in KoffAddin.dll during Outlook startup.
- Attendee status was not updated (attendee was duplicated).
- Attachments were in Wrong order in a message.
- Personal Contacts folder was not configured as Personal Address Book in OAB.
- Reclaiming space from deleted messages in database took a long time.
- Switching between SPA and username/password caused clearing of server name.
- Conversion of KOC profile was possible to be performed many times for current user.
- It was not possible to create profile with KMS 6.5.x.
- Fixed inconsistent German translation of "Junk E-mail".
- Mail in Outbox was lost after upgrade of Outlook Connector using new DB.
- Message forwarded from Sent Items was stuck in Outbox.
- Was not possible to accept events created in iCal in Outlook Connector.
- Outlook crashed when shared calendar is turned on.
- Accepting an invite and adding a CC user caused message stuck in Outbox.
- Emails with attachments forwarded from Apple Mail on Leopard didn't display in Outlook 2003.
- Message ID had incorrect format.
- 'Don't ask again' checkbox of Outlook Connector's dialogs did not work.
- Email was sent multiple times when some recipient has malformed email address.
- There was conflict when EMON detects virus in folders without administrator rights.
- Order of recipients was bad in sent message.
- Synchronization was halted when renaming folder to a name ending with period.
- Meeting request from Thunderbird was not able to be correctly accepted.
- Deleting mail from or dragging mail to the junk mail folder trained mail as ham.
- Error appeared during removing of mailbox.
- Unknown error appeared when read-only folders have been archived.
- False synchronization conflict appeared.
- Messages from SharePoint were not displayed.
- Return-Path contained original address even if customized address is set.
- PDF files, which are attached as application/pdf, were not displayed.
- 'History' in Outlook Business Contact Manager raised error.
- COM components were not registered after autoupdate.
- Email sent from external application could stuck in Outbox.
- Kerio Outlook Connector switched itself to offline sometimes.
- Message could stuck in Outbox with error "Cannot connect to Microsoft Exchange Server"
- SQL error could be shown when dismissing reminders.

Kerio Outlook Connector:
- Meetings: required attendee was not confirmed, new one (but optional) was created
- Some versions of Outlook 2007 or Outlook 2003 with MUI could not be properly detected by installer.

Kerio Web Administration:
* Completely redesigned (old version still available).
+ Added support for Mailing Lists.
+ Added support for Resource Scheduling.
+ Added ability to see full administrator accounts.
- Many small bugs were fixed.

Kerio Administration Console:
+ Added Resource scheduling configuration.
- Log view could not be properly refreshed in some cases.

Kerio OpenDirectory Extension:
* Added support for automatic migration of extensions from master to new replicas in Mac OS X 10.5.4 and later.
- OpenDirectory Extension changes were removed from slapd.conf file on every OpenDirectory change (replica creation, server promotion).

Kerio Sync Connector for Mac:
+ Added localization for all supported languages.
+ Added support for network user accounts on Mac OS X.
- Contacts/Events were duplicated after full synchronization.
- Deleted Public Calendar events, synchronized by Kerio Sync Connector for Mac, were not deleted on iCal.

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