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(2008-06-18) Sweden to eliminate freedom of speech...

Can I borrow some money from you? You just write me a blank check and sign it. I'll put in the correct amount of money and cash it in. What do you mean you don't trust me??

Now if you think it's a stupid mistake to sign a paper that gives someone far too much power for their own good, you're smarter than the Swedish government. And that's not too hard.

In the old "glorious" days of cold war, with spooks listening in on their shortwave radios to protect Sweden, FRA probably had some reason to exist. Nowadays the Swedish national defence radio establishment known as FRA (Försvarets Radio Anstalt) is worried that nobody loves them anymore. People just don't tell all of their secrets over the radio anymore. So rather than taking down the sign and politely bow to the audience, the FRA wants to continue the show.

The FRA is in the fading business of signal intelligence, and as of today, they're also in the warrantless wiretapping business. Today a new law was passed, that allows the FRA to read email and telephone traffic coming and going over the Swedish border. This is wrong in so many ways, that I don't know where to begin. I always thought that there has to be some kind of suspicion against someone in order to allow reading their Internet traffic.

The massive protests led to some minor changes in the bill and then it passed... A day to live in infamy.

Posted: 2008-06-18 by TEN Converter
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