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(2013-12-13) "Your website is faster than 96% of all tested websites"

I've just tested on The results came back "Your website is faster than 96% of all tested websites". Seems fantastic until you remember that most sites today are wonders of all sorts of interesting code. Have you ever tried to load Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet's site?

So, no, is not perfect by any means. It's just a reminder that sometimes less is more.

Here you can test it yourself

To be fair, got a decent score by Pingdom: "Your website is faster than 55% of all tested websites".

And off course: measuring the speed of a web site is a very inexact science. A site with lots of demanding elements such as Flash or java will slow the browser down. A speed measurement that only checks the loading time will probably give such a site a better ranking.

Just though it was interesting enough to share.

Posted: 2013-12-13 by Erik Zalitis
Changed: 2013-12-13 by Erik Zalitis

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