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(2013-05-20) Kerio Connect 8.1 running

Well, we've been running 8.1 for some time now. But I forgot actually posting about it. So here goes:

Version 8.1.0 - April 30, 2013
Kerio Connect
+ Added native support for 64-bit systems. Among other advantages the service can utilize more system memory if available.
+ Added Instant Messaging server.
+ Setting a SSL certificate active has an immediate effect and doesn't require restart any more.
+ Improved performance of folder operations in mailboxes with many folders
+ Greylisting now sends cryptographic hashes (MD5) instead of e-mail addresses
+ Added Apple Messages/iChat autoconfiguration through Account Assistant.
+ Improved reliability of Custom Spam Rules. Message header "From" and "To" rules are applied besides message headers also to message envelope members.
+ Improved stability of SpamAssasin server.
+ AppleDouble attachments handling improved in EWS.
! Dropped support for external antivirus modules. Replaced with Kerio AntiVirus SDK built antivirus modules.
- Fixed SSL vulnerability to BEAST attack
- Fixed rare crash in the full-text during parsing message.
- Messages could appear in Microsoft Outlook with Kerio Outlook Connector Offline Edition with long delay in some cases.
- Fixed a stability issue in Free/Busy.
- Calendar events were disappearing for few seconds in CalDAV calendars on Apple iPhone.
- A folder with incorrect name could be created over IMAP protocol.
- Domain footer is not appended to notification messages.
- A group from LDAP is correctly displayed in Microsoft Outlook Contacts.
- Fixed possible endless synchronization in ActiveSync push mode.
- Fixed a stability issue when delivering meeting event.
- Fixed an issue when Apple Contacts application could stop synchronization of server Contacts folder containing subfolders through CardDAV.
- Fixed alleged duplication when creating a new calendar through CalDAV.

Kerio Connect client
+ New color profiles.
+ Added settings for marking mail as read.
+ Added possibility to download all attachments in one file.
+ Added image gallery with fullscreen.
+ Added possibility edit signature in html. Current solution can in some cases damage signatures created in Old Webmail. In this case it is necessary to redefine signature in KCc.
+ Improved compatibility with various formated HTML emails.
+ Communication with server was optimized.
+ Reduced count of client/server requests for loading free/busy statuses.
+ Reduced count of requests for working with reminders.
+ Redesigned reminders view (and fixed memory issus).
+ Working with attachments redesigned in read panel and in composer.
+ New login dialog
+ Improved stability for Internet Explorer 8 and 9.
+ Design of client was improved.
+ Performance improved.
+ Improved detection of UTF-16 encoding (Big and Little Endian) if it is not properly declared in email headers.
+ Added possibility to make a custom localization for Kerio Connect Client.
* Kerio Sync Connector was removed from integration page.
- Fixed HTML parser problem with long string starting with www substring.
- Fixed issues with desktop notification.
- Fixed issue with very long email address in filters (for example from Salesforce).
- Improved behavior of mini calendar arrows.
- Fixed issue when contacts with private flag from shared folders are displayed.
- Fixed issue that the sharing is lost if an user renames folder.
- Translations fixed.
- Fixed an attempt to scroll on iPad/iPhone ended by WebAssist (iPad/iPhone is not fully supported yet).
- Fixed WebAssist shown when some AJAX request timed-out.
- Some users were not able to log in to new Kerio Connect Client, they saw only white screen.
- Fixed problem with filters modification.
- Fixed performance problem with huge recipient list in meeting request.
- Fixed problem with calendar that shows time+1 hour due to day-light saving.
- Fixed problem with invitation to distributing list with many contacts.
- Sometime it was not possible to edit new mail.
- Contacts with private flag from shared folders was displayed.
- Fixed problem with viewing emails with UTF-16 charset.
- Fixed problem with moving readonly email from shared readonly folder.
- Fixed problem with contact without name, now it is possible to save new company contact.
- Calendar subfolder was deleted without any warning.
- Fixed problem with count of unread messages.
- Fixed many problems with folder tree behavior.
- Timeouts for requests were enlarged.
- Removed automatic validation of invalid emails in the mail compose.
- Newly shared folders were not offered in sharing dialog.
- Fixed small problems in filter design.
- Fixed problem with scrolling in the message list.
- Fixed problem in the calendar view after timezone changed.
- Fixed memory issue in the contact editor.
- Performance of loading events from server improved.
- Fixed problem with an event created by drag-and-drop.
- Improved rendering of an email with lots of attachments.
- Changes in design when messages were filtered by search.
- Fixed search in Sent Items folder.
- Event was sometime displayed on wrong place durring dragging.
- Internal users and external users received different out of office messages.
- Newly created group was not offered in the sharing dialog for first 10 minutes.
- Sharing was lost when an owner rename the calendar.
- GMT an UTC time zones were removed.
- Incorrect sender in e-mail list fixed.
- Fixed problem with server error durring task removing.
- Select of multiple contacts was not working in the contact list.
- Fixed stability issue when using CTRL+A and right click.
- Fixed problem with consistence of distributed list when user change some included contact.
- Viewing of url in emails fixed for url without http prefix.
- Same XML tag was displayed in text in the mail preview.
- Many of old reminders were displayed for iCal users.
- Fixed problem with email selection in Internet Explorer 8.
- Fixed problem with showing events from pop-up notification in Internet Explorer 8.
- Fixed problem with resizing panels in Internet Explorer 8.
- Out of office alert was confusing.
- Fixed problem with printing of external images.
- Subject abbreviations were removed from subject.
- Toolbar in mail composer in new window was not displayed.
- Message with many recipients was displayed incorrectly.
- It was not possible to display images if sender requires confirm reading.
- Client incorrectly showed information about quota.
- Fix support of Shift+Tab keyboard combination.
- Email notifications were not disappeared on Chrome.
- Fixed problem with incorrect server error: "Root folder '%1' cannot be listed".
- Message about quota exceeded was fixed.
- Settings of calendar view were lost after logout.
- Fixed corrupted design of date picker in calendar events.
- Disposition-Notification-To header was not used for sending the confirmation of mail reading.
- Count of unread messages was not immediately decreased after multiple delete.
- When Kerio Connect client save messages to draft, it sometime shows "sending" even after the message was sent.
- Added support for progressive jpeg attachement.
- Fixed problem with autocomplete feature in mail compose in separate window.
- Improved moving item from read only public folder.
- A user should not be bothered by errors in third-party scripts (browsers add-ons).

Kerio Connect Administration
+ New product menu - designed for iPad and desktop.
+ Added new dashboard with information about product on one place.
+ GUI changes for a new EAS licensing.
+ Added a new GUI for IM settings.
+ Changes in GUI for certificates management, added possibility to change certificate without restart.
+ Added support for external (not Kerio plugins) antivirus plugins.
+ Context help replaced by Knowledge Base.
+ Added experimental support for Android devices.
+ Added support for synchronization with windows Phone and Windows 8 client.
* Kerio Sync Connector was removed from administration.
- Fixed stability issue caused by multi-edit of all users.
- Fixed stability of logs view.
- Fixed problem that remote administration can be forbidden even in cloud installation.
- Removed possibility than logged admin account can be disabled in multiple edit dialog.
- State of services was not updated after switch page with the service list.
- German translation improved.
- Spam filter improved. Some rejected spam messages was not forwarded to the quaratine.

Kerio Outlook Connector (Offline Edition)
+ Added support for Outlook 2013 Click-to-run edition
+ It is possible to create meeting requests in shared Calendar in behalf of Calendar's owner.
+ It is possible to accept meeting requests in shared Inbox in behalf of Inbox owner if there are editor rights for Calendar provided.
+ DbBackup: New command line tool for shrinking local cache files when needed.
* Synchronization of large folders starts significantly faster.

Kerio Open Directory Extension
- Fixed incorrect creation of index files.

Kerio Connector for BlackBerry
Kerio Connector for BlackBerry has been discontinued in this version of Kerio Connect.

Kerio Sync Connector for Mac
Kerio Sync Connector for Mac has been discontinued in this version of Kerio Connect.

Posted: 2013-05-20 by Erik Zalitis
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