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(2013-01-08) Mail system update

I haven't had the time to write any news lately, so this is to inform you that the mail software is running at 8.00:

Version 8.0.0 - December 4, 2012

Kerio Connect

+ Greylisting service
+ DNS reverse lookup
+ Added ability for Sophos to ignore encrypted or password protected attachments
+ Apple Notes are saved on server now
* Added X-Envelope-To header to all newly archived emails. The header contains all email recipients.
* Improved local domain spoofing prevention.
* Improved reliability of message store backup.
* Improved performance for Outlook 2011 for Mac and ActiveSync clients
* Name of all newly created differential backup files will start with letter 'D' instead of 'I' (e.g ==>
- The Out-of-office reply was sent to a whole group.
- The process did not stop in expected time.
- Restart of service on Linux failed in some situations.
- Archived messages did not record BCC headers.
- Kerio Account Assistant failed to configure accounts when downloaded from Virtual Appliance server.
- Kerio Account Assistant might setup an incorrect type of IMAP account under specific circumstance.
- National characters were sometimes incorrectly displayed in Outlook.
- Incorrect sender address was displayed when sending an e-mail over the WebDAV protocol.
- Backup process might sometimes fail to start.
- Backup process sometimes hung.
- Some meeting invitations had incompatible timezone definition.
- Some recurrent events were not synchronized to the server via the Exchange ActiveSync protocol.
- Kerio Connect server sometimes crashed during startup when full-text search was enabled.
- TNEF decoder sometimes failed to decode signed messages.
- Email messages with invalid charset could not be downloaded to iPhone.
- Contacts synchronized from Global Address List might contain duplicate e-mail addresses.
- Deleted calendar events were still visible in Apple iCal in some cases.
- Calendar events might get duplicated on HTC Android phones.
- Fixed kmsrecover which refuses to run if Kerio Connect is running even with "-s" option to a separate store folder
- Fixed performance problems and denial of new connections when Kerio Connect is running on Mac OS 10.8.
- Fixed several stability issues.

Kerio Outlook Connector (Offline Edition)

+ Public Folders can be configured to not be synchronized completely.
* Improved performance of both initial synchronization and common work too.
* Improved management of the size of local cache by [local] removing of bodies of old email messages (they persist in Connect).
* Improved capability to synchronize received ill-formed email messages.
- Fixed conflict of ICU libraries with 3d party software.
- Fixed non-working Spam button when preview pane is active in Outlook 2007 and 2010.
- Fixed rare problem of synchronization conflict upon downloading folder hierarchy.
- Fixed rare problem of synchronization conflict upon emptying the Deleted Items folder.
- Fixed out of memory problem upon downloading of a huge message
- Fixed showing of pdf attachments as .bin files in some email messages.
- Fixed synchronization conflicts after import from PST file.
- Fixed saving exception sent from subscribed calendar.
- Fixed Perth and Greenland timezone issues.
- Fixed wrong recognition of the organizer of a meeting when custom address is used.
- Fixed that reminder appears for an outdated events sometimes.
- Fixed that calendar event could be deleted if invite email is deleted.

Kerio Connector for BlackBerry

* Improved capability to synchronize received ill-formed email messages.
- Email messages deleted on Blackberry don't get deleted from the INBOX on the server.

Kerio Outlook Connector

- Calendar event could be deleted from organizer's store when meeting reply was deleted.

Kerio WebMail

- Fixed viewing of a month/week view calendar on iOS device constantly increases in size.
- Fixed corrupted pdf files on Firefox for Mac.
- Fixed few translation issues.

Kerio Connect client (a.k.a. New WebMail)

* Graphical User Interface completely redesigned.
* Overlay calendars
* Smart sharing
* Improved performance.
* Improved style of paging toolbar.
* Redesigned Contact Groups.
* Contact suggestions in message editor.
* Respect calendar colors of CalDAV clients.
+ Calendar search implemented.
+ Added Calendar overview (user can choose 2-6 weeks).
+ Photos in contacts.
+ Added ability to vote on Suggest Idea.
+ Added support for custom From and Reply-To address.
+ Added ability to switch off sound in reminder.
+ Added Tasks.
+ Added Notes.
+ Added Contact Groups.
+ Advanced search implemented.
+ Added folder sharing.
+ Added header settings in mail composer.
+ Added ability to attach more files at once with drag & drop.
+ Added ability to show photo of mail sender.
+ Confirm reading, High priority flags implemented.
+ Message edit/preview in new window.
+ All messages in folder can be deleted/marked as read.
+ Message can be sent as attachment.
+ Remote images are shown in messages.
+ Added support for hotkeys.
+ Added support for rich text signature (without pictures).
+ Added support for archive and public folders.
+ Added ability to drag and drop a contact between folders.
+ Added settings of out of office, mail signature, language, time, and notifications.
+ Quota added to settings and navigation bar.
+ Added reminders popup on desktop with supported browsers.
+ Added mail filters.
+ Added support for password change.
+ Added contacts.
+ Added option to add attachments to forward.
+ Added ability to open a new mail composer window.
+ Added context menus on email messages.
+ Added out of office setting.
+ Added plain text signature setting.
+ Added ability to see sender's photo.
+ Added ability to mail to event attendees.
+ Added ability to invite all mail recipients at once.
Known issues for Kerio Connect Client:
- Tablets are not fully supported.
- Reminders will be shown for expired iCal events.

Kerio Connect Administration

+ Added version number to Sophos upgrade log information.
+ Added an option to show number of mailing list subscribers.
+ Added the possibility to choose the default WebMail client.
+ Added support for Internet Explorer 10.
- Fixed non-working copy&paste on Mountain Lion's Safari 6.
- Fixed missing options when deleting mailbox.

Kerio Active Directory Extension

* Users mapped from Active Directory use full name from Display Name Active Directory attribute.

Kerio Open Directory Extension

No change.

Kerio Migration tools

+ Added support for migration from MS Exchange 2010.

Posted: 2013-01-08 by Erik Zalitis
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