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(2011-05-25) New, major update of our mailserver

We've now been running the newest release of Kerio Connect for almost 24 hours and this new version seems to be working just fine. We actually have used the last beta and release candidate 1 of this version for more than a month, so the new functions aren't exactly new. We generally don't install beta/release candidates on this system, but this time we did and had no problems from it.

But as of now, the "gold" version (7.2) of Kerio Connect powers The ERICADE Network.

What's "new" ?

Kerio Connect 7.2.0 - May 24, 2011

Kerio Connect

+ Support for Microsoft Outlook 2011 for Mac (not supported for Kerio Connect running on PowerPC Mac).
+ Support for exceptions from recurrent events.
+ A domain footer can contain HTML formated text and images.
+ Implicit CalDAV scheduling with meeting auto-accept functionality.
+ Built-in administrator, which has no mailbox and does not consume a license.
+ Administrators can prevent users from changing their password.
+ SMTP client supports email domain IP address binding.
+ User's full name is displayed in CalDAV delegates list in Apple iCal.
+ Added support for RedHat Enterprise Linux 6.
+ Added support for iOS 4.3 mobile devices.
+ Added support for new mobile devices (see the Release Notes for details).
* Various performance improvements.
* Apple iCal can search for attendees without configured directory service.
* When deleting user in Kerio Connect Administration, it is also possible to deletes his/her aliases and group/mailing list membership.
* The default browser support has been changed from Blocked to Unsupported. Levels of browser support: supported, unsupported, blocked.
* Kerio Outlook Connector installation package can be downloaded directly from the server on the Integrations page.
* Disabled RC4 ciphers in the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) connections.
* Improved simultaneous listing of Public folders.
! Dropped support for Firefox 3.0.
! Dropped support for RedHat Enterprise Linux 4.
- Information on event cancelation was sometimes not sent out to attendees.
- iCal autoconfiguration tool could silently fail to configure directory server.
- Invitations from Apple iCal were sometimes sent multiple times.
- Some contacts could be missing on iPhone with CardDAV account configured.
- Some recurrent events could be missing on iPhone with CalDAV account configured.
- Synchronization of Apple Address Book with CardDAV account configured, might never finish due to connection timeout.
- Tasks marked as completed in Apple iCal could remain incomplete on the server.
- Some messages and contacts could be missing on Android devices.
- Email attachments with special characters could not be downloaded to the mobile device.
- Folder deleted from WebMail did sometimes not disappear from Microsoft Entourage.
- WebMail custom logo wasn't set correctly for non-default store directory.
- In Apple iCal a reply to invitation from public folders returned DSN.
- X-Spam-Status headers are no longer removed from the message if the sender is on a whitelist.
- Fixed incompatibility with iCal client on Mac OS X 10.6.6.
- Disabling a user with shared calendar could broke delegation in iCal clients.
- CardDAV account setup failed on iOS 4.1 and higher devices.
- Fixed data in response to IMAP BODY FETCH command.
- Fixed detection of sender IP address in POP3 downloaded messages.
- Fixed mailbox counting in the license when the e-mail domain is renamed.
- Autoconfiguration tools did not support SSL certificates with multiple hostnames (subjectAltName).
- Fixed possible long delay in the installer on Mac OS X.
- Fixed synchronization of all-day events from Nokia E52 mobile device.
- Categories could be removed from the event after synchronization from iPhone.
- Fixed message format of email messages forwarded or replied on the Android mobile devices.
- Improved email push after long idle period on mobile devices.
- Fixed using of secondary email address in ActiveSync account on iPhone.

Kerio Outlook Connector (Offline Edition)

* Various performance and resource improvements.
* New autoupdate service
! Dropped support for Microsoft Outlook XP
- Outlook not showing WAV attachments
- Emptying large public 'Deleted Items' causes Outlook 2007 to crash
- Deleting items in local folder causes Outlook 2007 to Hang
- Fixed lot of other bugs.

Kerio WebMail

+ Support for 'the last day in month' rule in recurrent events.
* Meeting invites, updates and replies are automatically displayed in Calendar now.
* Added ability to view all recipients in mail view and preview. Mail content is scrollable in mail preview now.
* More contacts are displayed in "card view" mode now.
* Enabled/disabled buttons are more highlighted in toolbars now.
* Outlook 2011 for Mac autoconfiguration tool on the Integration page.
* Apple Address Book manual configuration description added on the Integration page.
! Dropped support for Safari 3.2 in full WebMail.
- Some dialogs where opened in wrong place in some browsers.
- Embedded images from HTML messages were missing in reply and forward.
- Mail sent to distribution list was not delivered to all recipients when distribution list contains addresses from Public folders in special cases.
- Read and delivery receipt was not sent when national characters were used in name part of email address.
- Mail composer toolbar were rendered incorrectly in Internet Explorer 7.
- Mail filter rules editor could not work properly in Russian localization.
- Fixed invalid line breaking in notifications automatically sent by mail filter.
- Messages were not marked as read after reply and forward when the "Mark displayed messages as read" setting was switched off.
- National characters in attached plain text file might get corrupted when forwarded.
- Calendar daily view could be slow when many events had to be displayed.
- Forwarded task was not possible to open and save to personal folder.
- Forwarded contact was not possible to edit in Outlook because of incorrect filename.
- Original mail content was incomplete when forwarding mail sent from Apple Mail in special case.
- Task reminder jumped one day late in special cases.
- Binary mail attachments were displayed inline in mail composed in WebMail in Google Chrome.
- Fixed invalid URL in Google Calendar subscription on the Integration page.
- Fixed translation errors in Chinese and German language.
- Fixed lot of other minor issues.

Kerio Connect Administration

+ A domain footer can contain HTML formated text and images.
+ Login dialog tolerates also unsupported browsers.
+ Administrator can disable to change user password.
+ It is possible to setup time of compression of old archives.
+ Added two new columns, Authenticated sender and Sender IP, into Message Queue.
* Slightly changed design after upgrade on ExtJS 3.
* Improved display of the application on small resolution.
- Fixed several Javascript errors on Logs.
- Fixed inability to import groups from CSV users file.
- Fixed instability of domain editor.
- Fixed problem with too strict validation of spam custom rules.
- Fixed importing groups on users CSV file.
- Fixed search result on remove users dialog.
- Fixed translation errors in Chinese language.

Posted: 2011-05-25 by Erik Zalitis
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