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(2010-12-12) Stay frosty, Sweden!

So it finally happened: A terror attack on Swedish soil. Those things are always tragic, but the worst is yet to come: the aftermath. As far as I know, only the man with the bomb died and another person was injured. It could have been much worse, but still...

Some people see this as a sign that we need to step up on our fight against terrorism. While the will to keep us secure is commendable, the will to sacrifice our civil liberties and rights is not. If we want to stay secure, we must not give in to fear. I live in Stockholm and the thought of me or someone dear to me getting injured or killed is really painful. But reason asks me and you to calm down. The risk of getting killed in a terror attack is still very low. It has not significantly increased due to what happened yesterday.

My advice to myself as much as to anyone else is the hold on to our freedom and our rights! Don't let anyone fool you into accepting more surveillance, military courts or limits to your free speech. The painful truth is that the intended victims of any terror attack are the survivors, not the ones that die!

And I admit that the next thing I have to say is just speculation: I don't believe that this man, who did what he did, was an organized terrorist. Anyone with a broken psyche can claim to hear the voice of god or to be driven by a divine cause. I could be wrong, but whatever really happened, be skeptical to any information you get. The way I see it, the problem is not about conspirators or other evil doers. It's more about well-meaning people trying to keep us safe. Remember the old saying attributed to Napoleon: "Never ascribe to malice that which is adequately explained by incompetence".

So please leave the torches and pitch forks home and try to stay calm! It just got a little bit more real to us here in Sweden, but we must not let fear dictate our future.

Posted: 2010-12-12 by Erik Zalitis
Changed: 2010-12-12 by Erik Zalitis

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