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(2010-10-05) The madness that is Octember

Like a confused Porky Pine I wonder what "Octember" is all about. The months of September and October seems to have been merged together somehow. I have no idea how one went over to the other, but Octember is here with work, work, work.

If you're currently in the work force, you know what I mean. While we're talking about the merging of September and October into the "all work no play Octember", why not make the calender work backwards? It's a old joke, I know, but then we could actually fix all those things that should have been done yesterday.

Seems like we always try to work smarter and not harder, so why not give us some more time? Let's operate on a 2009 calendar instead (it's currently 2010 in the "real" calendar).

So today is the 27th of Octember 2009 and tomorrow will be the 26th. Presto! All the time in the world will be ours... Smart move there, no?

Update: I didn't know this, but the term "Octember" is originally from a Dr Seuss book. But I'll stick to the Pogo Possum interpretation.

Note: POGO and all related characters 2010 OGPI

Posted: 2010-10-05 by Erik Zalitis
Changed: 2010-10-11 by Erik Zalitis

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