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(2010-09-21) Sweden's gone nucking futs!

Every day that has gone since the election-frenzy started here in Sweden has made the country even more bizarre. Trying to take all this in is like drinking from the bottom of the Niagara falls...

Let's remember what transpired during the months of July and August of 2010...

Piratpartiet party-leader Rick Falkvinge steps on a metaphorical landmine when a bad choice of his words in an interview makes it sound like Piratpartiet is actually *FOR* letting people watch child-porn. (Hint: no they are not!!!)

Julian Assange comes to Sweden like a hero and leaves like a villain.

In an epic display of bad timing Piratpartiet offer to host Wikileaks on servers in Sweden. Most people not affected by media hysteria says "so what?" and get on with their lives. I worry for the survival of Piratpartiet and actually ask Rick about it. He assures me they will survive it and he seems to be right. At least for now.

The debate between Rick Falkvinge and Torbjörn Tännsjö on the 25th of August is interesting and actually totally lacks cheap shoots and underhanded rhetoric. I'm happy that I went to listen to it. Tännsjö sees privacy as pointless for his own philosophical reasons, whereas Falkvinge is on the "Big Brother is doubleplus ungood" side of the issue.

And September

Everybody forgets about "Piratpartiet" and the privacy and security issues.

For the first time in over 90 years here in Sweden, a right wing coalition wins the election for the second time in a row.

The election of 2010 is like a copy of the election of 2006, with the addition of an extremist party. All parties chant "jobs! jobs! jobs!". The good news is that we don't have to listen of the chant of 2002: "Vård, skola, omsorg" anymore. This holy trinity of words to fool the voters roughly translate to "Healthcare, schools and elderly care". Hearing that a thousand times during an election gets old. Especially when ALL parties say the same thing.

Opportunist/extreme political party "Sverigedemokraterna" scores almost 6% of the votes in the election. 5.7% to be correct, but as the pessimist that I am, I round upwards.

My belief in the human race briefly fades out but returns when I think of the 94% of the people that didn't vote for them.

The election coverage looks more like an episode of a reality show, than serious politics.

Left wing leader Lars Ohly makes an even bigger fool of himself than usual, when he refuses to enter the same room as Jimmy Åkesson (Sverigedemokraterna). Yeah I respect your anger with SD, but you don't act like a 5 year old when you're representing a political party.

Mass media work themselves into a hysterical rage about Sverigedemokraterna. The painful thing is that there were many of us that understood that all years the other parties spent refusing to speak with the extremists made sure they could make themselves into martyrs. The end result of this election is the inevitable harvest.

Some idiot thinks the world should know who sympathize with "Sverigedemokraterna" and therefore hacks their website and publishes a database with people that have previously contacted them. The way I see it, privacy is for everyone! Yes, it should cover people with bad judgment. Even those who contact extremist parties. Except in Sweden we want to know everything about everyone. Whoever did this may not realize that some people actually contacted them just because they were interested not that they sympathize with them.

To paraphrase political satire site "JibJab", Sweden is nuckin' futs!

Posted: 2010-09-21 by Erik Zalitis
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