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(2010-08-04) Mailserver upgraded. Support for iPhone 4 added.

The newest version Kerio Connect has been installed. Important changes:

Support for Outlook 2010
Kerio Outlook Connector (Offline Edition) supports Outlook 2010.
Outlook 2010 is not supported by the online version of KOC.

Support for iPhone 4
Kerio Connect provides over-the-air contact synchronization of contacts and calendars between the iPhone 4 (iOS4) and Kerio Connect 7.1 using the new CardDAV and CalDAV protocols.

Public and Shared Folders in Mobile Devices
Sync public and shared folders to Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync devices.
Easily manage the list of folders to synchronize directly from the mobile device or from within Kerio WebMail.

New Sophos Anti-Virus
A new high performance scan engine from Sophos.
Includes genotype virus detection technology, decision caching, dynamic code analysis, and heuristics analysis.

Mail Retention Policy
Conserve space and prevent excessive storage of old information by automatically deleting old email items.
* Set mail retention policy options per domain or per user.
* Set mail retention policy options for Sent Items folder.
* In the 'All Folders' setting, specify the age of items to be deleted in days or years.

Leave POP3 Messages on Remote Server
New POP3 delivery option to leave messages on a remote server.
Ability to delete messages after a certain period of time.

CardDAV Improvements
Minor CardDAV improvements among others contain better Address Book support, auto-configuration script bug fixes, better HTTP service setting.

Standalone Administration Console is discontinued
Complete Admin Console functionality is now available through the Web Administration. Based on these improvements to the Web Admin, the standalone Admin console is no longer necessary and is removed from the installation package.
* Perform all Administrator functions through the Web Admin.
* No separate installation package is required.
* Remotely administer Kerio Connect from anywhere, via the web.

Internal Antivirus Updates
If you are using a trial version, you need to register it to get the option to update the internal antivirus.

Posted: 2010-08-04 by Erik Zalitis
Changed: 2010-08-04 by Erik Zalitis

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