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(2010-02-27) Mail server upgraded to ... 7.0

Good times. We've just upgraded the mail server to 7.0 patch 1. This is a brand new major release of Kerio Connect which is the new name for Kerio Mail Server.

Anyway, the most relevant news are:

- Support for the latest and greatest mobile phones: Google Nexus One, Palm Pre, HTC Hero, Motorola/DROID.
- CardDAV support for you Apple-users out there.

Kerio's laundry list:

Kerio Connect 7.0.0 Patch 1 - February 18, 2010
Kerio Connect
- Some Windows Mobile 6.0 devices could not be configured with Kerio Connect.
- Changing tasks on Nokia phones with Mail for Exchange client could cause synchronization failure.
- Fixed high network overhead when synchronizing Apple AddressBook via CardDAV.

Kerio Outlook Connector (Offline Edition)
- Emails could not be sent from Microsoft Outlook running on Windows XP and using SPA authentication.

Kerio Connect 7.0.0 - February 9, 2010
Kerio Connect
+ CardDAV support.
+ Complete Web Administration.
+ Email domains can be distributed over several servers.
+ Added ability to migrate users in distributed domain to a different home server.
+ Added the domain rename capability.
+ Simplified CalDAV account configuration on the Apple iPhone 3.0 firmware.
+ Added a support for the ESMTP message submission (port 587).
+ Added a retention policy for the message store auto cleanup.
+ Added support for Google Nexus One.
+ Added support for Palm Pre.
+ Added support for HTC Hero.
+ Added support for DROID by Motorola.
* Rebranding to Kerio Connect.
* New integrated McAfee anti-virus engine version 5400.
* Improved calendar synchronization with Nokia E75.
* Improved publishing of users from Open Directory to Global Address List.
* The number of Apple iCal generated meeting updates delivered to event attendees was significantly reduced.
* Reduced a time delay during the IMAP/POP account configuration on Apple iPhone.
* Improved the compatibility of calendar invitations.
* Significantly reduced the memory used by the inactive HTTP connections.
* The IMAP server improvements.
* Server SSL certificate and SSL certificate requests (CSR) are now generated with 2048bit RSA
private key.
* Many performance enhancements.
* Added a support for multi-domain server SSL certificates in the iCal configuration tool.
* Improved installation and upgrade process on Debian-based Linux systems.
* Improved stability of PAM authentication on Linux.
- Dropped KSP - Kerio Synchronization Plugin based on SyncML
- Some messages could not be downloaded from a remote POP3 server.
- Operations with huge folders might have made the server unavailable.
- Meeting invitations from ActiveSync were silently accepted by Apple iCal.
- Fixed handling of large messages sent from Microsoft Entourage.
- Fixed the full name attribute parsing in Global Address List.
- National characters in calendar events might get corrupted when synchronized to Apple iCal.
- The server was incorrectly detached from a terminal on Linux.
- Fixed occasional server crashes.
- A copied event could cause error during the CalDAV synchronization.
- A Resource could remain blocked after a meeting update in some cases.
- Contact created on the iPhone could be synchronized with wrong last name, first name order to
Apple Address Book.
- The recent message count in IMAP was sometimes inaccurate.
- Tasks appeared in the default calendar for delegated accounts in Apple iCal.
- Fixed private events visibility in shared calendars.
- Active Directory groups might get duplicated in Global Address List.
- An appended domain footer could corrupt some messages with meeting requests.
- A message could stick in the queue if the delivery address was malformed.
- An incorrect value of the threshold appeared in the spam log.
- Delegation might stop working in Apple iCal and get never working again under specific circumstances.
- Fixed an error message reported while stopping the server on Linux.
- Certain email messages with added domain footer could be rejected by some servers (PGP AntiGen).
- Some contact could be repeatedly published/removed from the Global Address List.
- Sorted search result in IMAP was missing messages recently added to the folder.
- Corrected time zone definition for Perth.
- Many small fixes and optimizations.

Kerio Outlook Connector (Offline Edition)
+ Out-Of-Office settings are available from Outlook's panel now.
* Several performance enhancements implemented.
* Logging options can be easily set in Connector's configuration now.
* Automatic Connector's update is performed unattended now.
- Searches no longer make Outlook unresponsive.
- Several stability issues fixed.
- Many small bugs were fixed.

Kerio WebMail
+ Added support for Firefox 3.5 and Firefox 3.6.
+ HTML editor in mail composer for Safari 4.
* Location is showed in event and task reminder now.
* Improved speed of viewing meeting invitations.
* Apple Address Book auto-configure tool on the Integration page.
* WebMail mode selection (the full-featured of simplified) is remembered on login page now.
! Dropped support for Safari 2, Safari 3.0, Safari 3.1 and Firefox 2 in full WebMail.
- Some dialogs were rendered incorrectly in Internet Explorer 8.
- Events copied within the same calendar could case synchronization issues.
- Events could be changed by obsolete meeting update.
- Event reminder was not updated when changing start time in some cases.
- Events with many attendees were opened too slowly in some cases.
- Last occurrence of recurrent events were not visible in Calendar in some case.
- Original message header Sent: were not included on reply or forward.
- Ctrl+F in message list unexpectedly opened browser search dialog.
- Opening Mail filters dialog might cause an JavaScript error.
- The Tasks folder in Public Folders was not localized.
- Email address of vCard sent from Apple Address Book was not imported in some case.
- Many small bugs were fixed.

Kerio Web Administration
+ Added full scaled read/write web administration (Message Queue, Statistics, Active Connections, Opened Folders, Services, Domains, SMTP Server, Content Filters, Archiving and Backup, Delivery, SSL Certificates, Advanced Options, Time Ranges, IP Address Groups, User Templates, Settings, Logs).
+ Added Distributed Domains
+ Added support for auditing (read-only web administration).
+ Added support for Safari 4.
+ Added support for Firefox 3.5 and Firefox 3.6.
* Dedicated port 4040 is used for web administration.
- Many small bugs were fixed.

Kerio Administration Console:
+ Added configuration for global retention policy of messages in the message store.

Posted: 2010-02-27 by Erik Zalitis
Changed: 2010-06-12 by Erik Zalitis

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