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(2009-11-17) The shape of things to come

The people behind the mail software we use here, Kerio, just announced the coming of Kerio Mailserver 7.0. It's in beta today, so you won't see it powering The ERICADE Network just yet. We don't use beta products in production, because downtime and lost data is no fun at all.

But the new version is promising good stuff. Let's hope it delivers. I don't have any information when it's ready. Dare i (ab)use ID Software's slogan "It's ready when it's ready"?

Here's a short run down of the new stuff:

* Distributed Domains
* Complete Web Administration
* Rename Domain
* Retention policy for messages
* New Message Submission service
* IMAP server improvement
* New mobile device support
* Performance improvements
* HTML editor in WebMail on Safari 4

The announcement on their site

They will also rename the product to "Kerio Connect". For me it's clear that they're out to fix their number one shortcoming: scalability. That's right, Kerio Mail server is a brilliant product for small shops or private sites like this. But it cannot scale to thousands and thousands of users like ... ehum... Microsoft Exchange. I guess the guys and gals at Kerio have had a dart board with Steve Balmer's face on it up on their wall for a long time now. So, the future is going to be interesting.

Posted: 2009-11-17 by Erik Zalitis
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